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Advanced Video Analytics |

Our Patent Pending Deep Learning based algorithms, help us to create an exhaustive report and Our assessments are based on sound, research-backed theories, including the Big Five (Five Factor) CANOE model of personality.

Data Driven Analysis | Video Analytics

We capture these very intricate details through our path breaking video analytics solution giving us a deep dive into the presenter’s psycholinguistic characteristics, as a part of analyzing the cognitive behaviors of the participant.

Deep Opinion Mining | sentiment Analysis | Soft Skills

By understanding the sentiment of the participant’s videos, and incorporating the tone and pitch of their audio, the algorithms generates what we call a deeper opinion pool, by mining the type of words used with the adjectives tagged in the speech.

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BeshGo | A.I. Powered soft skill assessment
BeshGo | 21 Days challenge, Mind hacking blueprint


Dr. Pradeep Athavale | BeshGo Panelists | BeshGo Mentors | BeshgGo | Soft Skill
Dr. Pradeep Athavale
Mumbai, India

PhD. Psychology
Career Counsellor

Ms. Kunti D'Souza | BeshGo Panelists | BeshGo Mentors | BeshgGo | Soft Skill
Ms. Kunti D'Souza
Bengaluru, India

Communication Coach , Mentor,
Personality Development Consultant

Mr. Rupam Bhattacharjee | BeshGo Panelists | BeshGo Mentors | BeshgGo | Soft Skill
Mr. Rupam Bhattacharjee
Dubai, U.A.E

Co-Founder WaysAhead Global,
International Business Strategist

Ms. Salima Z. Laskar | BeshGo Panelists | BeshGo Mentors | BeshgGo | Soft Skill
Ms. Salima Z. Laskar
Guwahati, India

Co-Founder AIM - a unit of Career Counselling cell

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